In today’s digital world, a strong brand film is a non-negotiable part of your marketing strategy.


It can be a challenge to sum up an organization’s work in just two minutes, but our team is here to help you craft a promotional film that packs both a creative and emotional punch.

  • We help you find the story that makes your organization unique.
  • We explore how best to tell your story in order to increase awareness and attract support.
  • To produce an effective promotional film, an outside perspective can be helpful to ensure the film answers all the basic questions about your organization.
  • A promotional film can also be useful in explaining new initiatives, launching new products, and providing overviews of different aspects of your organization.

Promotional Film Ingredients

From brand essence videos to event trailers, an effective promotional video
will clarify your mission and fire up new supporters.

Keep It Simple

The best promotional films have a clear call to action: support this mission, attend this event, buy this product. You need a compelling presentation to drive a simple outcome from your audience.

Engaging Visuals

No matter what you are promoting, it must look exciting, fresh, and attractive. Through the use of high-quality and beautiful b-roll, your promotional film will engage your viewers.

Establish FOMO

The “fear of missing out” is real. A polished promotional video will drive your supporters to act quickly on your call to action.

Explain Yourself

Every organization needs a brand essence film to provide an introduction and overview of its work. We can help you make an unforgettable first impression.



CLIENT: Word on Fire

PROJECT: Liturgy of the Hours Trailer


  • 28,700 Monthly Sales



PROJECT: Seek 2019 Recap & General


  • Promo Released directly before a COVID-based hiatus, the 2019 recap and promotional video for FOCUS’ “Seek” conference was instrumental in reinvigorating in-person attendance once the conferences resumed.
  • Today, attendance matches pre-COVID numbers, a rarity for events nationwide.


CLIENT:  Word on Fire

PROJECT: The Word on Fire Bible Product Trailer


  • 300k Volumes in Circulation
  • Over $12 Million in Sales
  • Company’s Most Popular Product


CLIENT: Archdiocese of Detroit

PROJECT: No Bystanders – Mission Promo


  • Initiated Groundbreaking “Unleash the Gospel” Campaign
  • Campaign has been hailed as a landmark of successful evangelization

“We are very thankful for having had the opportunity to collaborate with Spirit Juice Studios. They so beautifully captured our school’s mission on film. The result is not simply a promotional video, it is a work of art that communicates truth and beauty. Spirit Juice’s creativity and talent, offered for the greater glory of God, is a gift to the Church.”

Sr. Maria Alguacil

Head of School, Company of the Savior


Cathedral Towers

The idea of Cathedrals is to raise our eyes, our minds and hearts to God for hope and inspiration. In the kind of world that we live in, inspiration is important. There's so much bad news, problems, difficulties...

St. Joseph | Our Spiritual Father

This is a trailer for a documentary made for the Knights of Columbus, a film about St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father, which consists of six powerful stories, inspired by one man, who is undoubtedly one of the most...

The Creed

God is not a rival to his creation, the closer god gets the more beautiful we become. And we are not consumed by God's presence but elevated by it. The light of God enters into our humanity so as to make our...

Statue of St. Joseph

This trailer of the documentary made for the The Premonstratensian Fathers highlights the history of the statue, its original formation, its connection to our faith history, and its current importance in our world....

Jen Fulwiler | The Naughty Corner

Comedian, mother of six, and convert to Catholicism. Jen Fulwiler confesses her sins, but shows no repentance for her parental trespasses. Jen skewers every area of suburban life, from dads who brag about having...

The Word on Fire Bible

Spirit Juice Studios invites you to discover the Word of God through the Word on Fire Bible! The Word on Fire Bible provides a deeper insight to the Catholic faith, focusing on commentary from history's brightest...


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