If a story is worth telling, a narrative film can bring it to life in untold ways. Connect with your audience through this powerful format that can elicit emotion and excite the imagination.


The narrative film is a time-tested format that requires an advanced level of creativity, planning, and production value to execute effectively.

  • Narrative filmmaking can be the most complex type of film to produce.
  • Strong writing and pre-production efforts are required to establish a tone, define characters, choose a setting, and work out other details.
  • Production of a narrative piece often requires multiple cameras, intricate lighting, selection of music, and the use of actors.
  • While difficult, the ROI of a compelling narrative piece can be off the charts. Sometimes simple ideas can convey complex truths and the importance of your mission.


The creative adaptability of narrative storytelling makes it one of our favorite methods. Partner with us to tell a vital story in a creative way.


The best narrative films offer the audience something unexpected, emotional, or unique—but always memorable. This aspect of the piece is what makes it stick in your viewers’ minds and call them to action.


Whoever said that a picture is worth a thousand words could have been talking about narrative films. Sometimes the right scenes staged without dialogue can be more powerful than relying on a script to do the heavy lifting.


Establishing strong characters can be the engine that drives a narrative film. Using characters as proxies for those helped by your organization or for your supporters will make the film feel more personal.


Many of our narrative pieces last only a minute or so, but they pack a powerful emotional punch. This makes them more digestible and more likely to go viral within your audience.




  • In the first two years of release, The Veil Removed garnered over 15 Million views across numerous platforms, and has since been translated into over 10 languages, with views spanning around the world.
  • The success of the film has spawned interest in creating additional pieces to focus on other pivotal elements of the Catholic Faith.

Narrative Vocational Film

CLIENT: The Archdiocese of Chicago

PROJECT: Fill These Shoes


  • With the release of Fill These Shoes, the Archdiocese of Chicago began to use the film as their primary motion-picture-based means of inviting men to consider the priesthood.
  • It was also bestowed with a 2022 Emmy Award for cinematic excellence.
  • Since the release, multiple vocations-affirming events have been created under the same name across the archdiocese.

Narrative Fundraising Film

CLIENT: Good Counsel Homes

PROJECT: I Knew You, Before I Formed You


  • Raised $208,000 through the video alone
  • 58% Increase Over Prior Year (despite pandemic)
  • GCH received multiple recurring donors who specifically mentioned the film as the convincing reason

“Please accept my full endorsement for Spirit Juice Studios. It’s not often that one meets such a dedicated team, that is not only completely passionate about their Catholic faith, but also use their God given talents in such a creative way to spread the Good News of Jesus and His Church.”

Tom Peterson

President, Catholics Come Home


I Knew You, Before I Formed You

Life is messy, beautiful, tragic, and amazing. We should always have faith, as goodness and love always strives. This is a powerful and inspiring short film is based on the true story of a young mother who chose...

Fill These Shoes

This vocational video for the Archdiocese of Chicago features an 80-year old priest detailing his consecrated life as a prayer, expressing his hopes that his passion takes hold of another. A hope that another man...

The Veil Removed

Year Award Category 2020 Julien Dubuque International Film Festival Official Selection Spirit Juice Studios collaborated with The Veil Removed organization and to create this elaborate short film showing the world...

It Doesn’t End Here

What's actually going to happen when we die? Do we simply cease to existence? Are we reincarnated? Is there a heaven or hell? What is truth? How should we live? Are one of the world religions right or is there no...


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