Partner with us to captivate your audience through powerful video storytelling that enlivens the soul and moves the heart toward the true, good, and beautiful.

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As a Catholic organization, you have a special role to play in carrying out Christ’s call to evangelization. To succeed in your unique role, the story, mission, and vision of your organization must be expressed to a contemporary audience in a way that not only captures their attention but inspires support, partnership, and collaboration.

Over the past 15 years, Spirit Juice has become a leader in producing industry-leading films and visual media with a distinctly Catholic style. We work with parishes, schools, religious orders, and other Catholic organizations of all types in all 50 states and over 25 countries around the world, always ensuring the production process remains easy, streamlined, and affordable for our clients.

Latest News & Projects

Embracing the Eucharistic Revival

Embracing the Eucharistic Revival

We recently created this video narrated by Fr. Mike Schmitz along with the Napa Institute to promote the USCCB’s Eucharistic Revival.

Inspiration isn’t an accident


With a passion for the same values and virtues that guide your organization within the Church, Spirit Juice Studios is uniquely suited to help you convey your life-giving message to the world.

Seamless Production Process

We are experts in our craft, always striving to create films that are visually stunning, deeply inspiring, and true to your brand.


We are experts in our craft, always striving to create videos that are visually stunning, deeply inspiring, and true to your brand.

Multi-channel approach

In all our work, we take your specific needs and other marketing efforts into account to maximize your ROI.


We focus on creating customized film content that not only exceeds your expectations for telling your story but also fits within your budget and is fairly priced.

Spirit Juice Studios is a creative, dynamic example of the New Evangelization in action. Combining professional skill, fidelity to the Church’s mission, and a visionary approach, the team at Spirit Juice is precisely what the Church needs to engage the culture.”
Bishop Robert Barron

A History of Results

“Thank you for the absolutely fantastic experience we had working with Spirit Juice. The process itself was seamless from start to finish, and the final product was exactly what we wanted and more. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.”

Karna Lozoya

Vice President of University Communications, The Catholic University of America

“We turned to Spirit Juice to produce a video that captures a growing partnership between three organizations promoting respect for those with intellectual disabilities. True artists and gifted filmmakers, the team offers a rare blend of top notch professionalism, cutting edge style and a spiritual perspective.”

David Naglieri

Director of Film & Digital Media, Knights of Columbus

“Spirit Juice Studios is absolutely one of the most powerful Catholic evangelization tools available in our times. Working with a group of professionals that are highly talented as well as vocationally inclined to serve God is what makes them unique in their work.”

Katherine Angulo

M.A. Program Director, Thriving in Ministry Initiative, University of Notre Dame

Over 15 Years Supporting Impactful Organizations Like Yours

Over 15 Years Supporting Impactful Organizations Like Yours



Satisfied Clients

Countries Reached



Educational films are indispensable in instructing others on the matters most important to you. Committed to accuracy and artistry, we’ll help you make it possible.

Every organization has unique abilities to offer. Showcase yours with inspiring promotional films to share your organization’s vision with the world.

By showing on film what energizes and drives your organization, Spirit Juice will create films that motivate others to support and desire its success.

Whether recreating historical events, depicting heroic figures, or telling the renowned backstory of your organization, share what is most important to you.

Narrative storytelling is the art of connection and engagement between the storyteller and audience. We’ll help you make that connection.

Catholic Education is so important and quality video content showcasing your school will bring your vital mission to life. Discover how we can help your school to flourish.

Award-Winning Projects

While we’re proud to name an ever-growing list of satisfied clients, they aren’t the only ones noticing the professionalism, artistry, and impact of our work. With 12 Regional Emmy™ Awards spanning nationwide markets, film festival recognitions, Gabriel Awards, and more, our films have left a mark on millions around the globe, spanning all creeds and backgrounds – and we have the recognition to prove it.


Regional Emmy Awards


Regional Emmy Awards

Catholic Media Awards



  • 2023 – Father Kapaun Comes Home
  • 2023 – Dominican House of Studies
  • 2023 – Songs of Hope for Ukraine
  • 2023 – Word on Fire: Liturgy of the Hours
  • 2023 – Our Lady of Guadalupe: Woman of the Eucharist
  • 2023 – Knights Coordinate Eucharistic Processions

Gabriel Awards


  • 2023 – Juice Box: How to Pray
  • 2022 – St. Junípero Serra: A Man of God, A Mission of Love


  • 2023 – Knights Coordinate Eucharistic Processions
  • 2023 – Fr. Chuck Dornquast
  • 2023 – Father Kapaun Come Home
  • 2023 – To Last a Thousand Years
  • 2023 – A Hero on the Hudson: Captain Vince Lombardi
  • 2023 – Santa María de Guadalupe: Mujer Eucarística
  • 2023 – Poco a Poco Podcast
  • 2023 – A Missionary Journey to London

Our Process


Speak with one of our experienced staff to illustrate your goals, audience, and distribution plan. Don’t worry, we’ll make recommendations for accomplishing your mission from our years of industry experience serving the Church.


Receive a custom proposal that lays out the prospective parameters of your groundbreaking project. You’ll know the deliverables, cost, and timeline. If tweaks are needed, have no fear! We’ll do everything we can to make it perfect.


Set off together on the odyssey of filmmaking. First comes pre-production where we define every detail, then the project is captured on state of the art equipment, and finally it’s brought to life in post production through the edit. We can think of no greater realm of exploration!


The hard work pays off. We deliver your completed cinematic experience formatted for the distribution method determined at the outset of the journey. You’ve put in the hard work, now revel in the vitality of your creation.


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