Documentary storytelling provides breathing room for your story. With added details and the luxury of time, a documentary elicits empathy and a sense of ownership in the viewer.


Documentaries are a significant undertaking and require a deeper level of preparation, research, and execution. But the results can be profound.

  • Your organization’s unique story deserves to be told with care.
  • Some aspects of your mission are complex or contain essential details that require more time and effort to properly tell the full story.
  • It can be overwhelming to organize all the facts, interview subjects, story arcs, and visuals required to create a quality documentary.
  • Documentary filmmaking is technically challenging and requires professional expertise.


You have a story and we are storytellers. When done well, documentaries are among the most compelling forms of filmmaking.


Have you ever watched a documentary and felt like you know the featured people personally? This is the magic of a documentary—to bring the viewer into another person’s world in an intimate and unforgettable way.


The quality of a documentary will ride or die on the quality of the film’s interviews. Our producers are experts at drawing out the themes, emotions, and sound bites that will fully tell your story to your audience.


Effective documentaries will put viewers into a scene that they have never experienced before. It is vital to reenact moments or capture actual footage of events that are pivotal to the story.


From the choice of a potential voiceover narrator to the photo treatment utilized to relive captured memories, every detail matters in documentary filmmaking. We have the experience to help you make the right choices.



CLIENT: A Spirit Juice Original

PROJECT: Soul of a Champion | The Gil Hodges Story


  • Gil Hodges had a storied history in baseball, but tragically his cause for entering the Hall of Fame struggled for decades.
  • Catholic Athletes for Christ partnered with Spirit Juice Studios to create a documentary on his life to invigorate the cause for his induction.
  • Released with critical acclaim and the support of the Dodgers organization and many others, the documentary was successful.
  • Gil now resides in his rightful place, amongst the all-time greats of America’s Pastime. We can think of no better result than that.


CLIENT:  A Spirit Juice Original

PROJECT: Black Faith Matters


  • Garnering critical acclaim at its release in 2020, Black Faith Matters has been witnessed by thousands of Catholics, utilized by dozens of dioceses across the country to initiate conversations about the Church’s race relations, and been credited with invigorating the cause for active discussion amongst Catholic minority groups and their religious leaders in that part of the country.
  • Since its release, there have been calls to create follow-up documentaries, which are now in the works.


CLIENT:  The Knights of Columbus

PROJECT: Tennessee Mountain Rescue


  • Debuting in the Knights of Columbus series Everyday Heroes, Tennessee Mountain Rescue became a calling card for our short form documentaries, and has been referenced by dozens of clients as a project goal.


CLIENT: The Knights of Columbus

PROJECT: World Youth Day | Krakow


  • Released to DVD and digital sale, World Youth Day Krakow garnered tens of thousands of sales worldwide, with thousands more views on subscription services such as Formed.

“A wonderfully collaborative, transparent, and beauty-committed process. I felt my vision was deeply listened to, understood and even enhanced in the inquiry stage, and the pace of execution was remarkable. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

Anne Snyder

Editor in Chief, Comment (Publication of Cardus)


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