St. Joseph | Our Spiritual Father


This is a trailer for a documentary made for the Knights of Columbus, a film about St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father, which consists of six powerful stories, inspired by one man, who is undoubtedly one of the most amazing human being that has ever lived, Joseph of Nazareth. He who was chosen to be the guardian and to raise the son of god, to become the man who saves the world.

St. Joseph is such a great model, being a father to Jesus, a loving husband to Mary, and the father to the church itself. A protector of families, A man of courage, humility, dignity and sacrifice. And a man who lived a life for others. While not many things are written about him, his deeds are absolutely exemplary. In this documentary, we will shine a light into the hidden life of St. Joseph, with the help of experts and their powerful testimonials to expand the knowledge we have on St. Joseph and deepen the understanding we have of his life.