Sacred Heart Major Seminary

The Christian life is really a journey honed to the Father and the Sacred Heart Major Seminary assist the students in growing and facing the challenges of life with faith, hope and charity.

It is important to the church and the people of God that we have good priests, holy, solid men of the church to lead its people. At Sacred Heart Major Seminary, it is their responsibility that their seminarians receive a proper formation through the priesthood. To them, the greatest honor is being able to accompany these men in their most signification relationship in life, and that is their relationship with Jesus.

Through their core program which is grounded on four dimensions, the Human, Spiritual, Pastoral and Intellectual, students are formed to be a good men before becoming good priests, men who can integrate what they hears in prayer and what they are experiencing outside of prayer, men who know how faith and reason work together and finally, men to take on the heart of the Lord and have a heart for the poor.

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