Christ Medicus Foundation


The very reason that so many medical professionals went into the healthcare arena, is that believed that they had an obligation to help and love the patient, help and love the sick and the suffering. But now too many undergraduates, medical students are afraid to go into certain aspects of healthcare because of their beliefs. Too many doctors, nurses and physician’s assistants have experienced coercion, fear, isolation, discrimination and in some cases termination, because of their beliefs. Their beliefs and religious liberty is seriously challenged.

This video was made for the Christ Medicus Foundation, an introduction and mission story video that showcases these problems and struggles of patients, medical personnel and practitioners in living out their religious life in healthcare. The problems we don’t normally see, but is in fact there. In light of those problems, this video also highlights what solutions Christ Medicus are trying to provide.

Christ Medicus Foundation is an organization that helps patients, healthcare professionals and personnel to live out their faith in their medical profession. They are leading a movement to defend conscience and religious freedom in health care, to build-up and empower pro-life and Catholic health care, provide a catholic health care option and defend the right to life in healthcare at all stages.