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Course Videos

With these short tutorials, you’ll learn how common camera add-ons can affect what you capture, choose the right equipment for your production, create beautiful media with any camera, utilize experimental techniques to develop a unique look, and so much more!


Best Secret Portrait Lens

I'm going to show you the best portrait lens that you probably never heard of: the ZEISS Otus 100mm. The Otus series for ZEISS is noteworthy...

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Six Camera Movements

I want to talk about the six camera movements that you need to know in filmmaking. First off, a dolly. A dolly shot is when the camera is...

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Cinema Lens or Stills Lens?

What's the difference between the cinema lens and a stills lens? A cinema lens often has 300 degree rotation for a very smooth focus...

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Four Types of ND Filters

In our second post on ND filters, we discuss the different types of filters that are available, along with their respective pros and cons...

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What's an ND Filter?

What's an ND filter? Sunglasses for your camera. "ND" stands for "neutral density". Neutral density, what does that do? It reduces the amount...

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The Easy Way to Shoot on Film Under $200

Are you looking to shoot film but don't know where to start? Try starting with the Canon EOS-1N. You can pick them up for under $200 used...

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Cheap vs Expensive

So what's the difference between the cheap lens and an expensive lens? Well, In this video I have a cheap lens, a Yongnuo 35mm f/2.0 that lists...

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Choose The Dark Side

Which side do you put your camera on? When in doubt and you're on set, and you don't remember where to put your camera, just remember...

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How To Take a Better Photo of Someone

We have a quick tip to take a better photo of someone: focus on the eyes. When you're looking at a photograph or watching a video, you look...

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Lens Whacking - What The Heck Is That?

What's the best camera technique that you know? There's a lot of camera techniques out there that we can use to achieve a desired result...

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The Craziest Lens We Own

When we talk about camera lenses, what's the first one that comes into your mind? We all know that lenses comes in many shapes and sizes...

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How to Live Stream with Multiple Cameras

Ever wonder how you can set up a live stream? With more events wanting or needing an online presence, a live stream has become a "must have"...

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How to Live Stream Mass From Your Phone

Need to live stream an event but don’t have fancy cameras to do so? Have no fear! By using your very own phone, you can become a live streaming pro...

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