Catholic Kids Video Channel Reaches 100k Subscribers

Juice Box, the kid-friendly Catholic video channel that Spirit Juice launched in 2022, recently reached an incredible milestone: 100,000 subscribers on YouTube!

The Gabriel Award-winning Juice Box channel exists to create high-quality, entertaining, and educational videos to bring the Catholic faith to life for children and families.

“Other Christian denominations have lots of educational and entertaining online content, so it’s time for the Catholic Church to catch up,” said Rob Kaczmark, founder of Spirit Juice Studios. “As the father of two young sons, I want to pass on the faith to my kids and I realized that Spirit Juice is uniquely equipped to fill the hole in quality Catholic video content for kids.”

The Juice Box YouTube channel features a new episode each Friday that uses popular toys, stories, games, crafts, and more to introduce faith-based topics on a level that young children will understand, engage with, enjoy, and (most importantly) remember.

Since the channel is not relying on ad revenue, Spirit Juice has set up a Patreon site for viewers to support it. 

“I’m hopeful that parents, grandparents, and others will find value in Juice Box programming and sustain us in this effort,” Kaczmark said. “We believe in the necessity of this program and its ability to positively impact the next generation of Catholics and bring families together in faith.”

Funding is especially needed to cover costs of the channel’s flagship show, hosted by seasoned Catholic performers Steve Angrisano and Melinda Simon. These thematic longer episodes feature original songs, full sets, costumes, and animation. The first episode, “How to Pray,” received a 2023 Gabriel Award and can be viewed below:

Visit to learn more about this exciting project and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel!

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