Spirit Juice Wins Gabriel Award for Catholic Kids Content

Spirit Juice Studios recently received a 2023 Gabriel Award from the Catholic Media Association for the “How to Pray” episode of Spirit Juice’s new “Juice Box” video series featuring Catholic content for young children.

Launched last November, Juice Box is Spirit Juice’s initiative to produce high-quality, entertaining, and educational videos that bring the Catholic faith to life for children and families. The weekly video series now reaches more than 7,000 people each week across the Spirit Juice Kids YouTube channel, social media, and website.

“We are so grateful to receive this recognition for a project that we believe is filling an unmet need in the Catholic Church,” said Rob Kaczmark, founder of Spirit Juice Studios. “We are excited to see how much ‘Juice Box’ has grown in less than a year, and we’re confident that these videos will continue to bring young children closer to the Lord as they expand their understanding of the Catholic faith.”

The award-winning “How to Pray” episode features seasoned Catholic performers Steve Angrisano and Melinda Simon, original songs, full sets, costumes, and animation. Other Juice Box episodes are hosted by an animated character named Dilly who uses popular toys, stories, games, crafts, and more to introduce faith-based topics on a level that young children will understand, engage with, enjoy, and–most importantly–remember.

Popular Juice Box episodes include Ask a Priest, Confessional Lego Build, Who is Mary?, Building Things Inside the Church with Magna-Tiles, and Let’s Play Mass.

Juice Box’s free content is funded through a combination of donations to the non-profit Spirit Juice Entertainment Group and by Patreon supporters who receive exclusive content and benefits.

“Producing high-quality children’s content is not cheap, but with more support we would love to produce more long-form episodes like ‘How to Pray,’” Kaczmark said. “I’m hopeful that parents, grandparents, and others will find value in Juice Box programming and sustain our efforts to engage the next generation of Catholics and bring families together in faith.”

Visit www.spiritjuicekids.com to learn more about this exciting project.

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