100k Likes on Facebook

Spirit Juice Studios hit a huge milestone by hitting the mark of 100k Likes on Facebook! To give a bit of perspective, in February of 2017, we had roughly 8k Likes. Through the use of increased engagement and original content, we have been able to legitimately cultivate a much larger audience within a relatively short amount of time. Our social media outreach goal through Facebook was 100k Likes and, after crossing that mark, we are humbled at the continued interest in Spirit Juice and our work. Without you, this would not have been possible.

That said, we need your help moving forward! Please continue to share our respective accounts with friends & family, and engage with one another in these public forums in a professional manner. 100k Likes on Facebook was the goal, but together we can work towards the next mile-marker: 1M Likes on Facebook, and 100k Subscribers on YouTube! Again, thank you for following along with Spirit Juice, and we look forward to the future with you by our side.



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