Monthly Update | August 2021

As summer winds down and everyone is heading back to school, we thought we would provide a masterclass on one of our favorite subjects: pranking Spirit Juice coworkers.

August was a month of state-hopping for us, and we kicked things off in La Crosse, Wisconsin at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe for a series of videos in Spanish for the many Hispanic pilgrims who flock to this beautiful and spiritual site. The shrine was built in large part through the support of Cardinal Raymond Burke, who is still in the hospital recovering from COVID-19, so please keep him in your prayers.

Our next stop was Michigan to cover a prayer breakfast by a local Knights of Columbus council that is being honored for this event by the national Knights of Columbus organization.

We also headed to film a video with Justin Fatica of Hard As Nails Ministry, who is coaching a basketball team to share his faith and provide a strong male role model for kids from at-risk communities.

Lastly, check out scenes from a team Mass and our summer party that the Spirit Juice Studios staff enjoyed together. See, it’s not all just pranks! Thank you as always for supporting our work.

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