Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown: Who Will Fill These Shoes

As a whole, when you take on a number of projects, it is difficult to find time to reflect on the product process, creative choice made (or not, in some cases), and how the finished was successfully completed. By taking past pieces and dissecting them, it is enlightening for you as a viewer and us as the people behind the video. Both to give insight into what has gone into a product, as well as to learn from our experience and ensure that future projects maintain the same (or higher) standard of quality.

With that being said, we are beginning to have our producers revisit a handful of their favorite projects to offer commentary, share stories, and give visibility to the respective productions.

To start things off, Spirit Juice Studios creative director Branden Stanley has broken down a video completed last month for the Archdiocese of Chicago’s vocations team. “Who Will Fill These Shoes” is constructed around a narrative, always a fun challenge to stretch our creative muscle. Lighting and composition were particularly important, but the backdrop of a beautiful church and ornate altar glowed majestically in the finished product.

The video itself is actually based on the true story of a retiring priest at a local Chicago parish who, at the end of his final Mass, removed his shoes and placed them at the base of the altar and asked the congregation, “Who will fill these shoes?” It was a powerful demonstration to advocate for individuals to step up and help the need for more priestly vocations.

As with all our clients, we are grateful for the opportunity provided to us by the Archdiocese of Chicago to work on such an important and inspiring visual project. Be sure to follow us on social media to see when new Catholic filmmaking breakdowns are posted to the site!

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