Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown | The Road to Sanctuary

This Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown is extra special, showcasing the fruits of one of Spirit Juice Studios’ unique opportunities. AnaMichele Morejon, an aspiring filmmaker, spent the summer participating in the Spirit Juice internship program, and recently completed her “passion project” — a profile of Father Anthony Buś, pastor of Saint Stanislaus Kostka church in Chicago. The passion project gives interns the opportunity to pitch an idea and use the resources, equipment, staff and expertise of Spirit Juice Studios to bring their project to life in the production of their own film.

AnaMichele, decided to tell the story of a priest who brought a dying parish back to life as a sanctuary for perpetual adoration of the Eucharist. The production featured many recreations and a narrative style of filmmaking. It was also helpful that Spirit Juice Studios had a preexisting relationship with the parish, as we had previously filmed the opening of the sanctuary.

Some of the reenactments were particularly difficult to produce with the need for exact lighting, locations, and props over the course of the quick three-day shoot. She was able to use the church’s austere attic as the setting for Father Anthony’s interview, giving the viewer a hint of what the parish looked like before its revitalization. The project also made use of specific lighting effects to bring to life key moments in his story and dramatize such an inspiring experience in the history of this parish.

Through the internship program and particularly her passion project, AnaMichele was able to get a true sense of everything that goes into the process of high quality filmmaking and video production. The Spirit Juice team is grateful for the opportunity to work with her throughout her internship as well as helping to fuel her passion project.

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