Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown | I’m Emma, I’m Adopted

In this Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown, Spirit Juice Studios’ creative director Branden Stanley takes us behind the scenes of a reflective piece that was produced for Pro-Life Wisconsin, entitled “I’m Emma, I’m Adopted“. This production had some initial challenges in that neither Emma’s birth parents nor her adoptive parents were available to be a part of the film shoot. That’s where the Spirit Juice team used some creativity to overcome this seeming obstacle and mix in some symbolic visual elements to tell the triumphant story of Emma’s life.

The first half of the piece shows Emma largely on her own in a variety of settings, some of them covered in dust and dirt. She discovers a neglected piano—which we shot from above in our studios—and she wipes the dust off and begins to play. At this point, the musical score turns brighter to reflect both the visuals and the uplifting mood of Emma’s narration, as she talks about the great love her adoptive parents showed in choosing to take her into their home. The rest of the piece features more shots of Emma in various places, but this time she is in bright sunlight with a radiant smile. The music, the narration and the visuals combine to show the hope of Emma’s story as just one example of how the choice to adopt a baby can give that person a new life full of hope and opportunity.

No matter how challenging you think it might be to tell your story, Spirit Juice Studios has the creativity to find a way to present your ideas in a compelling, professional production. Please contact us when you are ready to use the power of filmmaking to take your organization’s mission to the next level.

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