Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown | High School Recruitment

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to produce a recruitment video for a Catholic high school during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, here’s the catch: the video needs to look like it’s not being shot during a pandemic.

Spirit Juice Studios took on this challenge from Scecina Memorial High School in Indianapolis and, in this Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown, Spirit Juice creative lead Cody details the logistics of such a project.

All health and safety protocols were followed in the production of this piece, which follows a typical Scecina student through various high school academic and extracurricular experiences. The voiceover of this narrative video has the female student questioning her life goals and the various paths that will be open to her after her time at Scecina.

As you can see when watching the finished product, Spirit Juice producers got creative in the staging of the various shots — needing to not only maintain proper social distancing, but also to hide the fact that most of the people on-screen are wearing masks. The results were highly effective, and you have to really be paying close attention to notice anything is out of the ordinary.

Spirit Juice Studios loves working with Catholic high schools and other Catholic institutions to create emotionally captivating videos that capture the essence and unique qualities of these places, and the people who study and work in them. If your organization is looking for a recruitment video or promotional piece, contact us to talk through our process and the possibilities of collaborating together.

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