Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown | Diocese of Worcester Vocations

In this Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown, Spirit Juice Studios project manager Victoria McEachern goes behind the scenes of a vocations video we recently produced for the Diocese of Worcester in Massachusetts.

The concept for this video comes from a Bible passage — Revelation 7:9 — to promote the idea that priests come from every nation, tribe, people and language. We needed a variety of shots and a diversity of subjects to showcase this theme, but we only had one day of filming in which to complete this.

With multiple cameras and crew members splitting up to divide and conquer the needed shots, Spirit Juice was able to gather b-roll of seminarians, priests, parishioners, a choir and neighborhoods around Worcester to show the necessary diversity as well as give the piece a local feel. Victoria also mentions that the predicted bad weather did not materialize, so the one-day shoot was able to benefit from beautiful outdoor shots. With stirring narration and voiceover, the b-roll brought the theme to life and provided a compelling call to action for anyone contemplating a priestly vocation.

We have produced quite a few vocations videos over the years for dioceses, seminaries, parishes and other organizations. If you are interested in working with us, please reach out and we can bring your message to life on film.

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