Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown | Christ Medicus

In this Catholic Filmmaking Breakdown, we visit an explanatory piece that we produced for the Christ Medicus Foundation, an organization that defends religious freedom in the arena of health care by supporting Catholic medical workers and building up a Catholic, person-centered health care system. Haley Rossi, Creative Lead at Spirit Juice Studios, discusses the techniques employed to bring the foundation’s vision to life on film.

In order to communicate the mission of the Christ Medicus Foundation and the passion of its leaders, it was necessary to first explain the challenges that Catholic health care professionals face within their industry in terms of religious liberty. Through a combination of scripted material and testimonial interviews, we were able to create a sense of urgency about the foundation’s work and convey the convictions of its executive director Louis Brown. Allowing him to talk about the foundation’s vital work in his own words makes it more personal and compelling.

To complete the video in a way that was both visually diverse but also economical, we used a variety of high quality stock footage for b-roll to save on the filming costs of acquiring shots of hospitals, doctor’s offices, patients and medical students. Interwoven with the stirring interviews, the footage works well to show the breadth of health care settings in which the Christ Medicus Foundation does its work.

We are grateful to work with organizations such as the Christ Medicus Foundation to share their story with the world through the power of multimedia storytelling. If your organization, parish or school needs a video to explain why people should support your mission, consider working with Spirit Juice Studios. We have the filmmaking tools and expertise to successfully present your vision to a wider audience.

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