Fill These Hearts
We recently shot on the RED Epic for the "Fill These Hearts" book trailer by Christopher West. Click here to watch the trailer.
NCYC Unplugged
We recently launched NCYC Unplugged - Volume 3 which consists of over 30 music videos that will be release through the year leading up to NCYC 2013 in November.
St. Josemaria Institute
We are currently in production of a video for the Saxum Foundation that is sponsored by the St. Josemaria Institute. The video is set to be completed by early summer.
The Symphony and the Static
Fr. Pontifex is releasing his new album The Symphony and the Static. We are working with him on several videos for the project.
The Chicago Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Cardinal George speak about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and all the wonderful work they do to those in need.

Recent Projects

  • The Symphony and the Static
    The Symphony and the Static

    Spirit Juice Studios is proud to present our first video filmed completely on the RED Epic camera. The visual is a collection of images that communicate the very essence of Fr. Pontifex's new album "The Symphony and The Static". The Overture, the title of this track on the album, is the introduction to an album that is full of many different sounds, ideas and thoughts that speak about the tension and drama of human life. We all experience the tension of joy and pain, hope and sadness, and peace and violence.

  • The Making of 40
    The Making of 40

    This film addresses some of the strongest arguments for the pro-choice position such as when life begins and "it's my body, my choice" countered by pro-life answers from a wide array of pro-life activists, leaders and youth. Twenty- eight year-old actress Jennifer Cadena, who stared in The Roommate, Crescendo, and the upcoming film, Little Boy, narrates the 40 film.

  • CYFUSA - Ajani Gibson
    CYFUSA - Ajani Gibson

    Hurricane Katrina ripped through Ajani Gibson's home and heart. However, his faith did not only survive the storm but carried him through the difficult years following this tragedy. The Catholic Youth Foundation USA was influential in helping the IMANI team form a safe haven for young black Catholics in New Orleans to recover and rebuild physically and spiritually.