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Welcome to all visitors from the most recent edition of The Catholic List, featuring a piece with Rob Kaczmark of Spirit Juice Studios. As a reward for your membership to The Catholic List and continued support, we are pleased to offer two Spirit Juice Studios productions as free downloads!

Our award-winning original “Salve Regina” tells the story of Friar Gabriel, who utilizes skateboarding as a platform to preach the gospel and exercising the body as well as the soul. “Aid For Women” highlights the work of the Catholic Chicagoland-based organization as told by Janessa, detailing the support she received throughout her unplanned pregnancy.


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We at Spirit Juice Studios are passionate not only about the standards in which we hold our work, but also in our Catholic faith, ultimately fusing together to form the best representation of Catholic values to advance the mission of the Church today. We welcome the impossible idea. When it comes to our clients’ ambitions and aspirations, we believe we can achieve the highest-caliber results on time and within your budget.

To learn more about Spirit Juice Studios and how we can help with your project, please do not hesitate to reach out. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that all fields are required.