The Craziest Lens We Own

When we talk about camera lenses, what’s the first one that comes into your mind? We all know that lenses comes in many shapes and sizes which serve different purposes for various filming or photography needs, but in this video, we wanted to share with you the craziest one we have at Spirit Juice Studios. Rob Kaczmark is here to give you the highlights and show you some beautiful shots using this unbelievable lens.

“I want to show you the craziest lens we have here at Spirit Juice. It’s the Laowa 24mm probe lens. This is a macro lens, which means you can get really close to the subject, but while most macro lenses are telephoto, this is a wide angle macro lens. And, not only that, you can bring it pretty much as close as you want to the very edge of the lens and it’ll be in focus. So what does that mean? Well, because it’s so long, it doesn’t even look like a lens, you can shoot it through stuff, you can get in areas that you would never even imagine. The top is waterproof so you can actually stick it in water. When we pull it out and we use it, it’s like, oh my gosh, that shot is awesome. So, rather than tell you more about it, let me show you some shots with this lens.”

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