Monthly Update | July 2021

In the spirit of Olympic competition, our staff have been trying to one-up each other with feats of physical prowess within the past few monthly update videos. This month Branden takes over, and shows us what he’s got at a skateboarding park.

Branden is also celebrating his five-year anniversary with Spirit Juice as he shares some of the recent projects we’ve been producing in this busy summer month. We’re proud to work with Source and Summit on a video to promote and provide instruction on the Catholic Mass. We also shot a video for the Diocese of Providence in Rhode Island to promote vocations through a scripted narrative piece. Lastly, you’ll get a peek at our latest video for the Knights of Columbus.

As Branden mentions in the video, we are all very proud of how the Spirit Juice Studios team has grown over the last five years, and the diverse array of clients we’ve been blessed to work with. We are humbled to get to use our creative talents to help showcase the beauty of the Catholic Church and the stories of Catholics positively impacting the world. Thanks as always for your support!

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