How to Live Stream with Multiple Cameras

Ever wonder how you can set up a live stream? With more events wanting or needing an online presence, a live stream has become a “must have” for groups, extending their outreach far beyond those in physical attendance. The process can be intimidating to start, but with a bit practice using tips outlined in our video, you can become a pro in no time!

As we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, with social distancing front and foremost, we at Spirit Juice began a series of live streams, and hope you are able to learn some of the ins and outs we learned along the way.

“We have four cameras: one, two, three, four. Our big wide is on slider, we have our medium, and then we have our side angle, and then we have our tight. We have our system running through the wall, but it works the same if you just run the cables. These are the four cameras coming out, so these are running into our mixer. So, just really quick, I know it seems like a lot of buttons, and to be perfectly honest, there’s a lot of buttons on here that we don’t use. So, each video mixer, as any mixer, you just need to switch stuff, so don’t think you need to buy something of this scale, but that you shouldn’t if you really like it. You can buy smaller mixers, as long as you can switch cameras, that’s the biggest thing. And from here, it’s running into our web presenter. That feed goes to some sort of box that converts it to go to a computer, and then you need a piece of software that can send it out to the web. So, if you can break it down and think of it piece by piece, hopefully it doesn’t feel overwhelming. It can feel very overwhelming the first time you start live streaming, but the more you do it, and you understand the software, and the hardware, and everything, the easier it can get. So, try not to feel overwhelmed and let that stop you. Just keep pushing through it, and you will get better, and better, the more you do it.”

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