How to Live Stream Mass From Your Phone

Need to live stream an event but don’t have fancy cameras to do so? Have no fear! By using your very own phone, you can become a live streaming pro. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many Catholics could not attend mass. We here at Spirit Juice decided to bring Mass straight to their living rooms and want to show you how you can do the same. By using the advice and direction in this video, we hope that you can feel confident to bring not only the gift of Mass to those who cannot attend but any event that could benefit from a livestream. With your phone, some practice and a smile, you can be live streaming right away!

Do you need to live stream an event, but don’t have expensive gear to do so? Fear not – by using your very own phone, you can become a live streaming pro!

“You need three things: two are required, and a third is optional. First, you need the phone, obviously. It doesn’t matter what kinda brand it is, as long as it’s a smartphone that can download apps and has a halfway decent camera. Second thing is you need some sort of tripod. So could be anything from all-in-one-stop shop, where it’s like a stand with a phone holder, or you can get something that mounts to any tripod. Most people have an old tripod they could use. That’s more than fine, if not, you can buy a cheap one for about $20 on Amazon. So all in all, it should cost you very little. And then the third thing, which is optional but very helpful, would be some sort of audio. It could be anything from a wired lavalier microphone, to a little shotgun that would go, and there’s even a Bluetooth wireless lav that will work fantastic, but it’s about $150. But ideally, some additional audio, because the audio from your phone, the microphone, it’s okay, it’s just not the best, especially the farther away you get.

Okay, so now you have that, next thing you want to do is figure out placement. There’s two things you want to consider with placement: one is obviously the best view, but also lighting. Open your camera, and frame up your shot. This is where you get to be a cinematographer. Go to your video mode and, if you have a phone that has different lenses, start with the widest angle, because you want to be able to get everything in the shot, so that you really won’t be moving it. So once you kinda find the angle you want, then grab your tripod. What you want to do as well, is on your iPhone you have an app called Measure. Go ahead and open that up, and make sure that the phone is level.”

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