Four Types of ND Filters

In our second post on ND filters, we discuss the different types of filters that are available, along with their respective pros and cons.

There are four types of ND filters. You have a variable ND, which is threaded on to the front of your lens. If you adjust it, the amount of light increases or decreases. Very good for making small adjustments; however, when you want to take it off, you have to unscrew it completely. The next kind is a solid ND. Whenever you want to change it, you have to pull this filter out and stick a new one in. To put it on your camera, you typically need a matte box, but the quality that comes out of these are very, very good. Next up is a lena-mounted ND filter. This goes between your lens and your camera, and oftentimes a variable ND that you can adjust. When you wanna take it off completely, you literally have to dismount your lens, take off the lens mount, and reapply. My favorite kind of ND is ND built into the camera. It allows you to go from no NDs to all your NDs with the click of a button.

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