Choose The Dark Side

Which side do you put your camera on? When in doubt and you’re on set, and you don’t remember where to put your camera, just remember to “choose the dark side”. A great image has lights and darks, and shooting to the dark side of the face makes image or footage have good contrast, that creates a more compelling and cinematic feel. In this video, filmmaker Rob Kaczmark, shares with us more about this useful tip.

“Choose the dark side. Okay, why choose the dark side? Well, not Star Wars or Darth Vader, but when you’re setting up an interview or some sort of lighting set up, you can often forget what side to put your camera on. A dynamic image has contrast, something that’s cinematic has lights and darks. A good DP said when he looks at an image, he always asks himself, ‘where’s the black?’ So, to create images that have good contrast and that are appealing, you really want to shoot to the dark side of the face. There’s certainly exceptions to that, but if you’re shooting to the light of the face, you’re pretty much just gonna see all light. If you shoot to the dark side of the face, you will see the light, but you’ll also see the dark as well. So, if in doubt and you’re on set and you’re kind of forgetting where to put the camera, just remember, choose the dark side.”

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